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a new short film

created by:

Barrington Vaxter & Benjamin Handler


Barrington Vaxter, KoKeaux Antje, Felipe Carrasco, Noelle Waldschmidt, Ben Palmer, Michael McClean, Tony Hopp, Zola Vaxter


BARRINGTON VAXTER is an artist based out of Iowa City, IA. He has acted on stages in NYC, Chicago and Denver amongst others. He last played Lincoln in the feature film, SPIRAL, currently on Amazon Prime. He also writes, records and engineers his own music under the alias ShaKeS.

BENJAMIN HANDLER is a Director of Photography based out of Iowa City, IA. He has been cinematographer on 2 feature films (SPIRALAWAKENING) and several short films currently in the festival circuit (FUTURE SELF, SAFE). He's currently finishing up his 3rd feature (ALTA VISTA) in Los Angeles.

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